Marcus Geil


About GW2 Ninja

GW2 Ninja was not the main project in the beginning. I felt inspired and wanted to play around with some APIs. Since I play a lot of Guild Wars 2, then why not use their API to learn from? Since then, I created the Tickets tool, the directory list and the collection tool.

The site is hosted on Digital Ocean where I have a droplet as my personal playground to learn more about servers and how they work.

The Developer

My name is Marcus, but I am better known online as Rediche. I'm a webdeveloper and student based in Copenhagen, Denmark from where I usually do my coding and gaming.

I'm a former Guild Wars 1 player and I started playing Guild Wars 2 when it came out.

If you want to get in touch with me, then you can always find me on twitter @thegeil and ingame behind the charactername Rediche.

If you like GW2 Ninja and would like to support the project, then please concider donating.